There are many writers like me.

We write casually, in no specific niche. We have no labels. We are not "content creators". But we write. We write to think; sometimes when inspiration strikes, sometimes to inspire others.

Most blogging platforms are optimized for content creators. Content creators are zeroed in on a vertical, run by teams, void of soul. They build an audience and make money because they bow to the SEO lords and regurgitate garbage for the algorithms. They very often have teams to market and optimize the hell out of everything.

Indie writers like you and me, just want to write. We don't make noise about it. It drains us. We write for ourselves and share sometimes so it inspires others. Such content is better than what ranks out there but if we don't market, how are they gonna know?

I face this problem and I am solving it for myself. If it interests you, you have a home. Right now, lykhari is bare bones. You can own a blog and publish your posts on your blog. But I have planned more.

It's free for now but will cost around $5/month to begin with.

On lykhari I will add images support, and custom domains. Once I have these basics down, I will work to 100x your reach (metaphorically speaking) with you just doing a few clicks here and there. We will build features that let you repurpose and post your thoughts on the entire internet effortlessly and win an audience for your blog. I believe it's important to make noise. Not doing so is a disservice to everyone. I will try to make it easy. You just focus on writing and lykhari will make content for you for marketing. Tailor-made for x, facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, and even audio/video for youtube, reels, and full-length podcasts.

If this sounds interesting, send me a message about what features interest you and I will tell you when it's ready.


For the indie writers.
By an indie writer.